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5)        Education Book review:
6)        Comment on use of fibrin glue and amniotic membrane in pterygium :
          http://www.osnsupersite. com/view.aspx?rid=36380
7)        Academic article scrapped over plagiarism: http://www.accessmylibrary.
8)        Clinical refraction practice pearls:mhtml:
9)        Eubios Journal of Asian and International bioethics : membership
10)      Ocular surgery news:  Fibrin Glue and amniotic membrane transplant successfully treat
       pterygium.comment Jan
11)      Ocular surgery news :Lasik effectively corrects refractive errors after PK for keratoconus.
        Comment July 6
12)      Ocular surgery news. Large biometry prediction errors seen in high axial myopes after
      phaco. JCataract refract Surg.2009;35(2):335 -340 Comment
13)      AIOS news…constitution of ethics committee of AIOS by president AIOS 2009
14)      Ocular surgery news :Ptosis long term
15)      S Moreker convener of inflammation session in 2008 AIOS annual conference.